10 Reasons Why You Should Contribute to WordPress

WordPress comprises 38% of the Internet’s hosted content, serving as an online hub for both small-time hobby content creators to the biggest websites. Basically, it’s users like you that are driving the progress through contributions.

WordPress allows contributions from its users, which is why it’s a great way to not only pay it forward but to also be part of such a remarkable team. If you’re thinking of joining WordPress’ competent project teams, let us convince you even more. Here are 10 more reasons as to why you should contribute:

1. You get to try things first

As a key contributor, you can try out new developments and features before all the other users. This way, you can test how useful and viable it is while weeding out the inconsistencies of programming.

2. You can help WordPress become more efficient

A large platform can be difficult to manage, and this can result in some areas becoming slow and glitchy. This is where non-developers can contribute to the team by reporting bugs and relaying processing complaints from other users.

3. You can learn more about software development

If you are a developer who’s working on the bugs being reported, you aren’t only given the opportunity to learn how to fix these bugs. You are also given access to training and tools that are exclusive to volunteers and contributors.

4. You can help enhance its features

Once you contribute to the development planning for WordPress, you can help other users relay feedback that can substantially improve its current features. You can put up surveys to build a consensus which can be used as the data to support your reports.

5. You can help enhance communication within the platform

WordPress is powered across many countries – many of which do not have English as their native language. You can help these users connect by translating the language or by producing tools that can help bring ease into translation.

6. You can build a bigger network within the community

A big platform equates to a big community. You can also look forward to meeting people with similar interests and wavelengths. Not only do you get to be part of their mailing list and forums where volunteers, developers, and admins can discuss what can further improve the platform, but you also get to interact and build your network there.

7. You can build a portfolio through your contributions

Whether you’re a developer or a creative, you can create a portfolio through WordPress. You can also make the most out of the platform by having fellow contributors test your work and actual users test your material. This way, you can further improve your craft.

8. You can help through donations

One thing that may deter you from putting in the work to help out a platform like WordPress is that you don’t really know how to help. You may not have the necessary skillsets to enhance the platform, but your help can still keep it going. Other contributors like you have submitted their works to WordPress for free so other creatives can use them. You can personally contact these artists and offer them your help as a sign of appreciation for every template, theme, or feature developed.

9. You can promote other contributors

A lot of these contributors give their continuous help and contributions to the platform for free. You can offer your support and gratitude by promoting their plug-ins and themes as a way to showcase their portfolio. You may also collaborate with these artists and eventually expand your network.

10. You can be part of something bigger.

This is a community that has thrived for years because of a shared mutual effort from both the internal and external contributors. Because of all the time and energy spent on improving WordPress, it flourished as a platform for creatives that remain free of access up to today.


Are you convinced already? If so, then now is the right time to sign up and be a WordPress contributor!

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