Benefits of WordPress VIP Project Development & Facts

Learn how WordPress VIP can benefit your business.

WordPress is one of if not the most popular content management systems on the internet today. From experienced web developers to newcomers, WordPress can accommodate any user. In this article, we’ll talk about what WordPress VIP is, the benefits it can provide and is it worth the investment.

What is WordPress VIP?

WordPress itself has plenty of variations; from,, self-hosted WordPress sites, and WordPress VIP. Each provides different features and benefits to its users. Today we’re going to talk about WordPress VIP.

WordPress VIP is a premium membership option for WordPress. It is a managed, high-end WordPress hosting platform. It is specifically designed for professionals and large businesses that require high specs and power. WordPress VIP offers excellent security, support, scalability, and flexibility. It will cater to your every need and ensure you reach your business’ online goals easily and effectively. This premium service is hosted on WordPress VIP has high coding standards and strict processes, which could make it unsuitable to use for some companies.

Who Should Utilize WordPress VIP?

WordPress VIP has a very specific purpose, to handle massive amounts of website traffic volume using unrivaled power, excellent security, and performance. Large businesses and enterprises are the primary users of WordPress VIP. The websites of these entities receive tens to hundreds of millions of views and visitors daily. They have various complex features that need proper coding to function optimally every day. Here are some big companies that are known to use WordPress VIP for their websites.

  • Spotify
  • Facebook
  • USA Today
  • Quartz
  • VentureBeat
  • TechCrunch

Benefits of WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is quite costly, and with that cost must come with multiple benefits that make it worth your investment. Let’s see how WordPress VIP can enhance a large business’ website.

1. Extensive Planning and Training

When you first subscribe to a WordPress VIP Plan, you and your team will receive detailed and extensive strategy making to ensure your website launches and runs optimally. The team at WordPress VIP will work with your team to come up with the best strategies to achieve your goals. The WordPress VIP team will train your development team about all the ins and outs of the platform. They can review any existing code you may have. Their team can also help you pick and make the best WordPress theme for your website.

2. Your Website is Fully Managed

WordPress VIP takes off the micro-managing of your website off your and your team’s shoulders. It has multiple quality of life features that make running a heavy-traffic and content-rich website much easier. Here are some of those much-needed features.

  • Convenient automatic updates to the core software
  • Automated hourly backups, very important for content-rich websites
  • USA Today
  • Constant performance and uptime monitoring
  • Automatically scales to handle unexpected traffic spikes, ensuring no downtime.
  • Active security scans
3. Top of The Line Security

Every member of WordPress VIP is secured by a custom-built infrastructure on top of having the best WordPress security practices in place. All of the traffic from your websites will be encrypted. WordPress VIP’s security will block different types of malicious attacks on your website. Every line of code, whether new or old, are reviewed manually by a team of professionals. This increases the security of your website by eliminating vulnerable codes.

4. Amazing Speed and Performance

Last but not least, WordPress VIP provides the best speeds and performance out of any WordPress services available. This is expected because the platform is designed to handle massive amounts of incoming web traffic. You and your team do not have to worry about code optimization, plugins, CND service, etc. WordPress VIP will handle it for you.


These benefits are only a slice of what you can get out of WordPress VIP. We hope that this article has helped you be alittle bit more knowledgeable about what WordPress VIP is and its benefits.

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