It is important for us, and we believe that it is also crucial for our customers to understand our data collection practices and how we use such data. As much as possible, we want to be transparent with our visitors regarding this matter. We take privacy very seriously, and we know our visitors do too.

The scope of this privacy statement only applies to the information taken while visitors are on “Personal Information” is defined as details that can be used to establish the user’s identity. These include names, location, identification numbers, email addresses, payment details, economic, physiological culture, and social identity of a visitor.

Here is the Privacy Policy that 10Div strictly follows when visitors share personal data on our website.

CollectionPersonal Information

Personal information is collected from users upon registration for the purpose of downloads, sharing activities, and receiving information about the services that we offer. It is also collected for the purpose of using the information to streamline the user’s experience by understanding the visitor’s demographics.

Usage of Personal Information

10Div and affiliated companies exclusively use the personal information collected to provide users satisfactory visitor experience. This includes the following personal information usage:

  • For assessment of visitors need to evaluate the most suitable types of services
  • For sending requested information about offered services
  • For replying to customer service inquiries or requests.
  • For sending of newsletters and promotional communications
  • For the improvement of the website and marketing initiatives.
  • For research and analysis purposes
  • For recruitment activities

All in all, 10Div only uses personal information when it is necessary and for the purposes known to the owners of the said information.

Visitors have the choice to choose not to receive any forms of automated information from us, as mentioned in applicable international regulations such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Also, no data will be collected from children below the age of 13 unless their legal guardian’s consent.

Data Storage

The personal information is collected then stored and processed to create a better experience or product. It may be relocated, retained, and used outside the borders of where it was collected. The data’s storage duration will depend on how long it is necessary even after the services to the visitors are delivered or discontinued. However, this duration will not last longer than five years.

Reasonable steps will be taken by 10Div to make sure that the data collected is secured with regards to its Privacy Policy.

Visitors have the option to opt-out of sharing their personal information on 10DIv websites. However, this does mean that we may not have the capacity to provide you with particular services.


If you submit a comment on our website, you have the choice to save your name and email address in cookies. This can be for your convenience so that you will not fill in your details every time you want to leave a comment. The cookies collected will remain for a period of 1 year.

If your account is login to the website, we will provide cookies to evaluate whether your website accepts cookies. This does not contain personal information, and it will be automatically discarded upon closing the browser.

Security Procedures

10Div follows strict industry standards on physical and technical security measures to ensure user data protection in transmission and receiving. Our website is hosted in a safe server location using password protection systems, firewalls, unauthorized accesses, intrusion detection systems, and other data protection technologies.

We review and improve our privacy policy frequently to ensure that only authorized users can access the data collected from our website.

No Illegal or Prohibited Usage

10Div believes the users will not use its website for the purpose of committing any crime or prohibited acts, as stated in the terms and conditions set by the company. However, in the event such a violation occurs, the company has to prerogative to stop providing service and block the user from availing services.